Tim's One Photograph a Day

A Guide Dog Father and Son!

Father and Son First Time Meeting. Today was a very special day. Not only were we taking Guide Dog Oakley for a freerun, it wa

Rugby Clock Tower – Town Centre Landmark.

Rugby Clock Tower. Standing right in the centre of town is this historic feature. Rugby Clock Tower has stood here since 1889.

A Disconnected Branch of a Tree!

Disconnected Branch. We remember this from last time we were in Rugby. It amused then, and we still think it funny. A disconne

A Performance by Hinchley Manor Operatic Society.

Hinchley Manor Operatic Society. As Monty Python would say – “And now for something completely different”! T

The Former Rugby Radio Station.

Former Rugby Radio Station. Last time we were here, the last of the Rugby Radio Station masts were still standing. Now, they a

Hillmorton Locks at Dusk.

Hillmorton Locks. We have moved again, and are now on the outskirts of Rugby. Once again, I am indulging myself in some night

Night on the Canal near Braunston.

Night on the Canal. Night time long exposures are great fun – even if rather time consuming! This shot of “Night o

Fenny Compton Tunnel – That Isn’t!

Fenny Compton Tunnel. The Oxford Canal on the whole winds its way through the countryside, keeping to the contours as much as

The Red Lion, Cropredy, at Dusk.

The Red Lion, Cropredy. We have left Banbury, and moved up the canal a bit. Tonight’s photograph is of The Red Lion Crop

Banbury Canal under the Bridge.

Banbury Canal Scene. This is the view under the Tom Rolt Bridge, looking towards the lock featured in an earlier photograph. A

Flower Stall in Banbury Town Centre.

The Bright Colours of the Flower Stall. I went into town this morning in the mistaken belief it was Market Day. I have since f

The Motorhome and Caravan Show.

Motorhome Display. A day out today. We went to the NEC. Big enough to be a small town in its own right! We went to the Motorho

Hot Coals in the Fire.

Hot Coals. Something a little different today. The weather was misty rain. Not ideal for photographs. The fire on the boat was

All the Colours of the Fairground Ride.

Extreme Fairground Ride. Since Monday evening, the streets of Banbury have been slowly taking over. Colourful Fairground Rides

Banbury Cross at Dusk.

Banbury Cross. The town is probably best known because of the popular nursery rhyme. However, this is not the Banbury Cross th

A Red Moon in the Daytime Sky.

Red Moon. As a nation, we are always fascinated by the weather. It seems to be a natural topic of conversation. Today, though,

Banbury Town Hall at Dusk.

Banbury Town Hall. Back to my favourite style of photography. Out with the big camera at dusk – the “Blue HourR

Banbury Lock – in the Heart of the Town.

Banbury Lock. Yesterday and today’s pictures could not be more different. Aynho Weir Lock, with its unusual shape in a t

The Unusual Aynho Weir Lock.

Aynho Weir Lock. The Oxford Canal Company may have been impoverished when constructing the navigation, but it has given rise t

Tree Silhouette Against a Sunset.

Tree Silhouette Sunset. It makes a pleasant change to be in the right place at the right time! Very shortly after we had moore