Tim's One Photograph a Day

A Giant Man in Newbury!

Giant Man. Tonight sees an outdoor performance of sound and light. I was walking through the centre of Newbury earlier, and sa

29-31 Craven Road, Diamond House, Newbury.

Diamond House, Newbury. This rather attractive building in Craven Road, has the name “Diamond House” engraved in t

Water over the Weir.

Long Exposure of a Weir. Nearby to where we are moored is this weir. Using a long exposure captures the flow of the water, giv

A Gaggle of Canada Geese Feeding.

A Gaggle of Canada Geese. We know there has been a gaggle of Canada Geese in the area. Little piles of poo give it away! Yet u

The Lower Raymond Almshouses, Newtown Road, Newbury

Lower Raymond Almshouses. Very attractive almshouses built in 1796, the twelve Lower Raymond Almshouses replaced an earlier pr

A Happy Family Portrait.

Family Portrait. The original selfie. Camera on a tripod, and the self timer. Line the photograph up, press the shutter, and r

The Former Forum Cinema, Newbury.

Forum Cinema, Newbury. A lot of the time, it is easy to spot a former cinema. It is also often easy to recognise which circuit

Muntjac Deer Having a Swim.

Muntjac Deer. Well, this certainly isn’t what I expected for today’s photograph. A Muntjac Deer swimming in the Ri

Coot on the Nest.

Nesting Coot. Once again, our favourite mooring has given the opportunity for a photograph. There is so much wildlife round he

Clouds in the Evening.

Clouds. I am no expert when it comes to types of clouds. To me, these are classed as “white and fluffy”! I am sure

Northcroft Park at Night.

Northcroft Park, Newbury. A different look at our favourite mooring by Northcroft Park, Newbury. Taken after dark, with a 5 mi

Former Pub The Star, East Ilsley, Oxfordshire.

The Star, East Ilsley. Back on the trail of closed pubs, this one was The Star, East Ilsley, Oxfordshire. Mentioned in an earl

Hot Air Balloon Floating By.

Hot Air Balloon over Newbury. I was just beginning to think about what to take for my photograph of the day. The unusual sight

Swan Family on the River.

Swan Family. You can see why we like this mooring. Lots of wildlife. With their young, too. This little swan family swam past

Feeding Ducklings on the River.

Feeding Ducklings. Sometimes, you can be in the right place at the right time. We had moved over to the marina to fill up the

Morning Reflections in the River.

Reflections. This is the view I am greeted with in the morning. Our mooring in Newbury (just around the corner from Victoria P

The Old White Hart, East Ilsley, Oxfordshire.

White Hart, East Ilsley. A change of location, but a return to an old theme. I drive past the former White Hart, East Ilsley,

A Dusk View of Victoria Park, Newbury.

Victoria Park, Newbury. Once again, another evening shot. Just around the corner from last night’s image. The boat moori

Moorings on the River Kennet, Newbury.

River Kennet, Newbury at Night. Today has been something of a hectic day. The Mission is over, and in theory we should be able

Ducklings on the Canal.

Ducklings. I thought I had today’s photograph sussed. There was a brass band playing in the bandstand. I did get a coupl