Tim's One Photograph a Day

A Snapshot of Crawley History.

Brighton Road Crawley History. Another grotty day as far as the weather was concerned. I had to go to Crawley, so took the cam

The Wonders of the Window of Scape West of Westbourne.

Scape West Window. One of my regular evening dog walks is into the centre of Westbourne. The Arcade holds particular attractio

Glorious Staffordshire Sunrise at Shallowford.

Staffordshire Sunrise. This was the view we were greeted to this morning. The glorious colour of this Staffordshire sunrise lo

The Historic Star Inn Stone, Staffordshire.

Star Inn Stone. A grey day it might have been, but the sun came out as we went to walk along the Trent & Mersey Canal in S

Norton Canes Statue at the Service Station.

Norton Canes Statue. Today’s photo is of a statue/artwork at the Norton Canes Service Station on the M6 Toll.

A Colourful Stack of Balls of Wool.

Balls of Wool. Something completely different today! Not having a lot of time to do much in the way of photography, it was a c

Blue Hour on Commercial Road, Bournemouth.

Commercial Road, Bournemouth. A late afternoon trip to the Post Office was a good reason to take the camera out for a “B

Sunset at Aldermaston Lock.

Aldermaston Lock. A trip back to our boat meant an opportunity to get a canal view for today’s photograph! We left Bourn

Bournemouth Gardens in the Mist.

Bournemouth Gardens Silhouettes. Like many places, it has been foggy all day today. Having been busy as well, it was not until

Another Visit to see the Starlings Studland Murmuration.

Starlings Studland Murmuration. I make no apology for returning to this theme. The Starlings Studland Murmuration is attractin

Starling at Rest.

Starling. Once again, a trip to Hengistbury Head has brought cloud cover to a sunny day! We had planned to go up there for Gui

Capturing a Seagull in Flight.

Seagull in Flight. Another beautiful, sunny day. Sunny, but cold! I was on the cliff top, waiting to collect Tracey before goi

Rob Berry Blues Busker & Street Musician.

Rob Berry Blues Busker. Rob Berry Blues ‘n Boxes. The sun was out, and my mind was filled with a number of ideas for the

Bournemouth Sunrise over the Pier.

Bournemouth Sunrise. Having to get up early to take the car for MOT and service also gave the opportunity to be up in time to

Another Family Portrait Photograph

The Fun of Taking a Family Portrait. What is it they say? Never work with children and animals! I was fortunate with my last f

Water Reflections at Night.

Night Time Water Reflections. Yet another grey day. It has also rained all day. Not conducive to going out at all, let alone t

A Murmuration of Starlings over Studland Beach.

Starlings in Flight over Studland. Starlings over Studland are, apparently, very unusual. Having heard about their presence, i

Sandbanks Ferry in the “Blue Hour”.

Sandbanks Ferry. The “Blue Hour” is the time just before sunrise and just after sunset. In reality, it only lasts

Sandbanks Sunset, Poole Bay.

Sandbanks Sunset. Sunsets are great things to photograph. There can be a fantastic array of colour. Light reflected on the clo

Tracey & Guide Dog Oakley Relaxing Portrait.

Portrait of Guide Dog Oakley Relaxing with Tracey. The weather today was not conducive for outdoors shots. There was a slight