Tim's One Photograph a Day

Ghost Signs

NatWest Bank, Queen Square, Wolverhampton.

NatWest Bank, Wolverhampton. It is easy to forget that there used to be a lot of local independent banks before mergers and ta

William Evans Son and Co Ltd, Hardware and Ironmonger, Wolverhampton.

William Evans Son and Co Ltd, Wolverhampton. I came across this little gem in School Street, Wolverhampton the first time we w

James Baker and Sons, Boot Manufacturers, Wolverhampton.

James Baker and Sons, Wolverhampton. Another magnificent Grade II Listed building in Wolverhampton. This time, it’s The

William Butler & Co Ltd, Wolverhampton.

William Butler & Co. This is quite an interesting scene, although by the looks of it, it is likely to change in the not to

Ghost Sign, Alcester Street, Redditch.

Ghost Sign. Not a great shot today, but the best I could do given the poor conditions – and the fact that I forgot my ma

Nestles Ghost Sign, Leamington Spa.

Nestles Ghost Sign. Back to a subject I haven’t photographed for a while. This Nestles Ghost Sign caught my eye as I was

Povey’s, Newbury – Ghost Sign.

Povey’s Newbury, Cheap Street. Another piece of history on the walls. Quite often, a Ghost Sign covered a previous one.

Ghost Sign: The Old Woolhampton Bakery.

Old Woolhampton Bakery. Woolhampton, for some reason, seems to have more than its fair share of Ghost Signs. Actually, for a s

Former Phoenix Brewery, Bartholemew Street, Newbury.

Phoenix Brewery buildings. As I have commented before, often the clues of previous history of a building are there. Clues here

Ghost Sign, The Crown House, Woolhampton.

Crown House, Woolhampton, Berkshire. It is all too easy to miss clues about the history of some buildings. However, Ghost Sign

A Ghost Sign in Caversham.

Prospect House Ghost Sign. This is something which I find fascinating! A Ghost Sign is simply “an old hand-painted adver