Tim's One Photograph a Day

Food and Drink

Valentine’s Day Glass of Red Wine.

Red Wine. I thought it would be good to record something to represent Valentine’s Day. A special meal of Roast Duck sala

Bull Pizzles for The Doggie Boat.

Bull Pizzles. Not only do we live on a boat, we have just started trading from it as from the end of last year. At the moment,

Cakes at the Good Food Show.

The Cakes Stall. Today we’ve been to the BBC Good Food at the NEC. Lots of things to photograph, but I have chosen this

Nestles Ghost Sign, Leamington Spa.

Nestles Ghost Sign. Back to a subject I haven’t photographed for a while. This Nestles Ghost Sign caught my eye as I was

The Sacrament of Communion.

Communion. On Armistice Day there is a lot to think about. A time to reflect. On this occasion, we were attending a meeting of

Oranges for Sale!

A Box of Oranges. It has been a wet day today. Not particularly conducive to photography. Towards the end of the day, I still

Rose Hips against the Sky.

Rose Hips. There are loads of these beautiful red fruits around here. These Rose Hips are a glorious blaze of colour in the gr

Remaining Buildings, Blatch’s Brewery, Theale.

Blatch’s Brewery, Theale. We are making our way slowly along the canal. So today I was able to visit the remains of Blat

Chefs Cooking on the Barbecue

Tending the Barbecue. I reset the ISO before I did anything else! The sun was shining, and it looked a promising day for photo

A Bank Holiday Barbecue.

Barbecue. A Bank Holiday weekend. What better excuse could you need for a Barbecue? A family get together, it’s not rain