Tim's One Photograph a Day


Bull Pizzles for The Doggie Boat.

Bull Pizzles. Not only do we live on a boat, we have just started trading from it as from the end of last year. At the moment,

Mute Swan on the Canal.

Mute Swan. One of the joys of living on the canals is the wildlife we get to see. Even in city centres, there can be a constan

Guide Dog Oakley – On Duty!

Guide Dog Oakley. Black dogs are notoriously difficult to photograph. However, today the conditions were just perfect. I even

A Guide Dog Father and Son!

Father and Son First Time Meeting. Today was a very special day. Not only were we taking Guide Dog Oakley for a freerun, it wa

Guide Dog Puppy in Training.

Chrissie: Guide Dog Puppy. Meeting our Oakley was clearly a tiring experience for Guide Dog Puppy Chrissie! They had a wonderf

Muntjac Deer Having a Swim.

Muntjac Deer. Well, this certainly isn’t what I expected for today’s photograph. A Muntjac Deer swimming in the Ri

A Horse named Splash.

Horse. This, apparently, is Splash. Not quite what you would expect to see in a Community Centre in the middle of a housing es

Gosling Having a Wash!

¬†Gosling. I was somewhat spoilt for choice today. I hadn’t intended a wildlife photo shoot. Nor had I expected to get a

Guide Dogs at Play.

Guide Dogs. To be precise, one Guide Dog and one Guide Dog Puppy in Training. We went for a walk, and these two just played al

Canada Goose on the River.

Canada Goose. One of the reasons we like this mooring is the wildlife we can watch. This Canada Goose was swimming by earlier

Oakley doing some Guide Dog Meeting and Greeting.

Guide Dog Meeting and Greeting. Every now and again, we go and do a bit of Guide Dog Meeting and Greeting. Sometimes this is a

Red Squirrel on Brownsea Island.

Red Squirrel. After the events of yesterday, today was a quiet, family day. I have wanted to visit Brownsea Island for some ti

Tracey & Guide Dog Oakley Relaxing Portrait.

Portrait of Guide Dog Oakley Relaxing with Tracey. The weather today was not conducive for outdoors shots. There was a slight

Guide Dog Oakley – Birthday Boy!

Guide Dog Oakley. The weather forecast was not great again today. But, it is Guide Dog Oakley’s birthday! He is 6 today.