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The Motorhome and Caravan Show.

Motorhome Display.

Motorhome: Some of many of display.

Some of many of display.

A day out today. We went to the NEC. Big enough to be a small town in its own right! We went to the Motorhome and Caravan Show.

If you’ve never been, this is unbelievable. The vast expanse and array of mobile holiday homes is out of this world. The diversity of displays is also amazing.

We were here to support Guide Dogs, who had a fund-raising stand. However, you cannot go to a show like this and not look around! The number of brands on display was surprising, let alone the number of different Motorhomes and Caravans.

As with all walks of life, retro designs are well in fashion. However, many of the displays were badly laid out, making it difficult to take in complete units, let alone photograph them.

This particular company was one of just a few that had there wares well displayed. These three Motorhomes creating a nice line-up.

I decided to get a bit arty with today’s shot. Tilting the camera to get a jaunty angle lifts what would otherwise be a snap into a shot that grabs the attention. The group of people on the left adds interest, without imposing on the image. There is also the delightful cameo of the person on the far right contemplating one of these motorhomes.

Photograph Details:

  • Taken: 20 Oct 2017
  • Camera: Olympus OM-D E-M10 MkIIA
  • Lens: Olympus 14-42mm 1:3.5-5.6
  • Focal Length 14mm
  • F/6.3
  • 1/60 Sec
  • ISO 1600

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