Tim's One Photograph a Day


Molineux Subway – Pathway to the Stadium.

Molineux Subway. This is the foot-way from Wolverhampton City Centre through to the football ground. On the other side is a mu

Internally Illuminated Sculpture in Broad Street Park, Wolverhampton.

Internally Illuminated Sculpture. Public works of art can be curious. This park has three, two of which are stone, which can b

Close up of a Mooring Ring.

Mooring Ring. I’ve gone for something a little different today. We are still moored up in Bentley Bridge. By opening up

CO-OP Petrol Station on The Boulevard.

CO-OP Petrol Station. Something a little different today. I have gone for a shot that would perhaps work as an advertising pos

Raindrops on the Window.

Raindrops. What else to photograph on a dull, wet day than the view through the window? It has been raining pretty much all of

Reflections in the Grand Central Shopping Centre.

Grand Central, Birmingham. As 2017 comes to an end, this is the final photograph of “One Photograph a Day”. I have

Christmas Bauble.

Christmas Bauble. One for the Festive Season! A close up of the reflection in a Christmas Bauble on the tree. Capturing the sp

Selfridges, Bullring, Birmingham.

Selfridges, Bullring. Although I am not normally a fan of modern architecture, this is impressive by any standard. An iconic s

Autumn Leaves on the Ground.

Autumn Leaves. Continuing on loosely from yesterday’s theme. Having captured a tree, we now feature some dropped foliage

Study of a Silver Birch.

The Silver Birch. Today I was walking into town. The weather was very grey and damp. Taking a detour through a park, the sheer

The “Don’t Cross” Lights!

Don’t Cross! Something a little different today! Went out for a walk this evening, and decided these “Don’t

A Clothes Peg in Close Up.

Clothes Peg. Once again, it has been a bit of a grey day. Looking for something different to photograph, I spotted our little

Oranges for Sale!

A Box of Oranges. It has been a wet day today. Not particularly conducive to photography. Towards the end of the day, I still

A Display of Fireworks.

Fireworks. Today there was only one choice for the Photograph of the Day. So, a walk into town to where the Rugby Round Table

A Disconnected Branch of a Tree!

Disconnected Branch. We remember this from last time we were in Rugby. It amused then, and we still think it funny. A disconne

Hot Coals in the Fire.

Hot Coals. Something a little different today. The weather was misty rain. Not ideal for photographs. The fire on the boat was

Wind Turbine at Shoreham Port.

Wind Turbine. A modern version of the windmill, standing tall and slim on Shoreham Beach. This Wind Turbine is one of a pair s

The Vue Cinema, Kennet Centre, Newbury.

Vue Cinema, Newbury. Today’s shot is of the exterior of the Vue Cinema, Newbury. As a modern building, there is little o

Padlocks, or “Love Locks”.

Padlocks on Bridge. A recent trend has been for loving couples to place padlocks onto bridges. There to express undying love f

Ripples on the River.

Rain Ripples. There’s only one thing to do when it is pouring down with rain, and you haven’t taken the photograph