Tim's One Photograph a Day


Portrait of The Graduate.

The Graduate. Considering I do not profess to be a portrait photographer, I am very pleased with this shot. I managed to get a

A Guide Dog Father and Son!

Father and Son First Time Meeting. Today was a very special day. Not only were we taking Guide Dog Oakley for a freerun, it wa

Newbury Carnival Day 2017.

Newbury Carnival. The streets were full of colour, music and dancing at Newbury Carnival today! Bringing up the rear, in an ex

The Performers after a Concert.

Performers. The concert is over. The Performers have taken their final bow. Formalities over, they can relax. This image captu

A Happy Family Portrait.

Family Portrait. The original selfie. Camera on a tripod, and the self timer. Line the photograph up, press the shutter, and r

The Radio Interview Today.

Radio Interview. Today, BBC Radio Berkshire visited the Boats of Hope at the Thatcham Visitor Moorings near Thatcham Railway S

Musician in the Orchestra Pit.

Orchestra Pit. We have been to see “Legally Blonde” today. A performance by the Hinchley Manor Operatic Society. O

Guests on Board.

Today we’ve had Guests. Having guests come to visit is a good excuse to go for a cruise! It was a bit windier than we wo

Portrait of our Daughter and Son-in-Law.

Daughter and Son-in-Law. Our Daughter and Son-in-Law have come to visit today, so it was only logical for today’s photog

A Picture of the Birthday Girl.

Birthday Girl. You can’t beat a birthday party. Especially when it’s your grand daughter. And, her first birthday!

Wedding Photograph of The Happy Couple.

The Happy Couple. I keep saying I am not a portrait photographer. So I am not quite sure how I got roped into being the weddin

Mik and Sue – Golden Oldies!

Mik and Sue. Today, we had the honour of being invited to Mik and Sue’s Golden Wedding Anniversary celebration. Naturall

Group Portrait for a Birthday.

Group Portrait. I was invited by our daughter to take some photographs at her friend’s daughter’s first birthday.

Rob Berry Blues Busker & Street Musician.

Rob Berry Blues Busker. Rob Berry Blues ‘n Boxes. The sun was out, and my mind was filled with a number of ideas for the

Another Family Portrait Photograph

The Fun of Taking a Family Portrait. What is it they say? Never work with children and animals! I was fortunate with my last f

Tracey & Guide Dog Oakley Relaxing Portrait.

Portrait of Guide Dog Oakley Relaxing with Tracey. The weather today was not conducive for outdoors shots. There was a slight

Family Portrait in New Home.

Family Portrait. I knew roughly what I was going to take today. We were off to visit our daughter, partner and granddaughter.