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Nature and Wildlife

Boating Lake, West Park, Wolverhampton.

Boating Lake, West Park, Wolverhampton. Sunday afternoon, so it was back to West Park for a longer and more leisurely stroll a

Geese and Goslings on the Canal.

Geese and Goslings. A change from buildings and street scenes today, following a walk along the canal for a change. The noise

The Magnificent Conservatory in West Park, Wolverhampton.

Conservatory in West Park, Wolverhampton. As I promised myself, I have come back to get a closer photograph of this rather spl

Lysaght Tower, East Park, Wolverhampton.

Lysaght Tower, Wolverhampton. I wasn’t planning to get a photograph on this afternoon’s walk. Moral of the story,

A Canada Goose comes to Breakfast!

Canada Goose. This chap seems to have got the idea we are a good source of food! Looking out the window this morning, there he

Blossom on a Tree Branch.

Blossom. Regular followers of this blog will know that I am clueless when it comes to identifying plants and trees! There is a

BCN Main Line on the Approach to Wolverhampton.

BCN Main Line. Taking advantage of my one exercise a day, I saved it until this evening to capture this shot on the approach t

Lock 11 on the Wolverhampton Flight.

Lock 11. Halfway down the Wolverhampton Flight is this interesting scene. The bridge going over the canal is, in fact, two sep

Old Canal Arm by Wolverhampton Top Lock.

Old Canal Arm. At the moment, I can still get out – not least because we have the dog to walk! This is essentially in ou

Artistic Look at a Stormy Sea in Lancing.

Stormy Sea. We seem to be getting a lot of storms at the moment. Although the latest one (Jorge) hasn’t fully arrived ye

Daffodils on Broadwater Green, Worthing.

Daffodils. Continuing the spring theme, it was back to the same location as yesterday. Although many were still not even open,

Pickwick Crocuses on Broadwater Green, Worthing.

Pickwick Crocuses. After a few cloudy and miserable days, it was nice to have some sun to enjoy today. I am no expert in plant

A Mini Murmuration of Starlings in Durrington.

Murmuration of Starlings. When I set out this evening to take my photograph of the day, this was not what I had expected! I cr

Looking out to Sea on Worthing Beach.

Worthing Beach. On a windswept day like today, this is not the first location that springs to mind! But, this captures the ess

The Sunset after Storm Dennis.

Sunset. This is almost exactly the same view as last night, although bringing in a bit more of the surroundings. The water is

The Gathering Clouds of Storm Dennis.

Storm Dennis. Over the last couple of days and nights, we have been treated to very heavy rain and strong gusts of wind. It ha

Swans on the Birmingham Old Main Line, Tividale.

Swans. The Birmingham Old Main Line Canal looks rather different to the shot from a couple of days ago. Storm Dennis is doing

The River Severn from Lydney Harbour.

River Severn. I was spoilt for choice today. Having been offered a lift to Lydney Harbour so I could look around and take some

Tree Tops against the Blue Sky.

Tree Tops. It is easy to get very lazy with zoom lenses. Even the “standard” lenses nowadays tend to have zoom cap

Professor Brock, the Barn Owl.

Barn Owl. Not often you get to see one of these close up – especially in a cafĂ©! This beautiful specimen is called R