Tim's One Photograph a Day

Nature and Wildlife

Top of the Malvern Hills.

Malvern Hills. This was not today’s intended photograph. I had spotted a wall which, for some bizarre reason, had taps e

View from the Malvern Hills.

Malvern Hills. There is something special about a landscape photograph that features rolling hills. Something rugged, even tim

Snowdrops at the Bumble Hole Nature Reserve.

Snowdrops. Of course, being in a Nature Reserve, it would be wrong not to photograph something that captures the atmosphere. O

Dusk at Windmill End, Bumble Hole Nature Reserve.

Windmill End. We have moved again. This time we have gone through the Netherton Tunnel (built as a by-pass to the single-width

Titford Pools, Wildlife Haven, Oldbury.

Titford Pools. For a long time, this has been the Cinderella of the BCN. It is the highest part and was originally built as a

The Edgbaston Reservoir.

Edgbaston Reservoir. The canal in Birmingham, apart from a section on what is known as the “Old Main Line” is as h

Evening Sun on a Bare Tree.

Evening Sun Lighting. It may not have been a particularly warm day today, but the sun has been out. As it started to set, the

Mushroom on the Grass.

Mushroom. In one of the parks in Leamington Spa is a collection of fungi. Seeing this mushroom upside down in the grass, I tho

Autumn Leaves on the Ground.

Autumn Leaves. Continuing on loosely from yesterday’s theme. Having captured a tree, we now feature some dropped foliage

Study of a Silver Birch.

The Silver Birch. Today I was walking into town. The weather was very grey and damp. Taking a detour through a park, the sheer

A Disconnected Branch of a Tree!

Disconnected Branch. We remember this from last time we were in Rugby. It amused then, and we still think it funny. A disconne

A Red Moon in the Daytime Sky.

Red Moon. As a nation, we are always fascinated by the weather. It seems to be a natural topic of conversation. Today, though,

Tree Silhouette Against a Sunset.

Tree Silhouette Sunset. It makes a pleasant change to be in the right place at the right time! Very shortly after we had moore

Heron Waiting to Pounce.

Heron. Cruising along the canal, you get to see all sorts of wildlife. Today, this Heron flew off from the bank, and straight

Autumn on the Oxford Canal.

Autumn Colours. We are moored right at the far southern end of the Oxford Canal. Almost in the centre of the city. Yet, here i

Bench with a View.

Bench Overlooking Shoreham Airport. This spot is in a quiet location on the South Downs. Yet this bench, in an Area of Outstan

Passionflower or Passiflora.

Passionflower. Getting towards the end of the day, and I still hadn’t got my photo. My wife spotted this passionflower g

Pair of Cormorants.

Cormorants. They say the two key factors in wildlife photography are luck and patience. I was definitely lucky with this shot

Rose Hips against the Sky.

Rose Hips. There are loads of these beautiful red fruits around here. These Rose Hips are a glorious blaze of colour in the gr

Reading’s Green Park Business Park.

Green Park. An unlikely combination. Modern business buildings in a wildlife habitat. But that is the unusual setting of Green