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Glorious Staffordshire Sunrise at Shallowford.

Staffordshire Sunrise.

Staffordshire Sunrise, Shallowford House.

Frosty Morning at Shallowford House, Stafordshire.

This was the view we were greeted to this morning. The glorious colour of this Staffordshire sunrise looking across the garden of Shallowford House, near Stone, Staffordshire.

This was another example where what the camera captures differs from what the eye sees. A standard photograph of this scene would either be exposed to show of the colours in the sky to perfection, with the hedges and garden in dark shadow, or the hedges and garden would come out perfectly, but the sky would be blown out and colourless.

This shot was therefore taken using the camera’s inbuilt HDR facility. Three separate images are combined, using a bracket of exposures. The colours end up being enhanced slightly, but this has created this striking image. Further manipulation in Photoshop Elements and Nik Collection has brought the balance down slightly.

Think of it less of manufacturing an image that was never there, and more of an artistic interpretation of the original scene.

Photograph Details

  • Taken: 29 Jan 2017
  • Camera: Canon 5D MkIII
  • Lens: Canon EF 24-70mm 1:2.8 L II USM
  • Focal Length 44mm
  • F/4
  • 1/250 Sec
  • ISO 160

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