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Tracey & Guide Dog Oakley Relaxing Portrait.

Portrait of Guide Dog Oakley Relaxing with Tracey.

Guide Dog Oakley & Tracey enjoying their bond.

Oakley & Tracey enjoying their bond.

The weather today was not conducive for outdoors shots. There was a slight hope, maybe, that we might get some snow, which could entice me out, but thatwas not to be. Although there was snow in Newbury, apparently. And Worthing.

Still, I needed a photograph of Guide Dog Oakley and Tracey to go with a magazine article we were putting together. A chance to experiment with my new studio setup.

Although the flat is large, once you start trying to set up a studio, you realise just how much space is needed! Because we are in the process of sorting it out, we were limited. However, I got a suitable room and erected the backdrop. Because the room was small, I decided to only use one of the softboxes. Two would be rather excessive.

Of course, Guide Dog Oakley got a bit excited when we brought him in, and it wasn’t long before the backdrop came crashing down! However, he soon settled, especially when Tracey got down with him. The backdrop restored, I fired off a few shots.

Although we were very pleased with these rather casual shots, for the article we felt one with him in harness was more appropriate. We therefore kitted him out, and took some more. We have got the shot we want for the article. However, for the purposes of this blog, the more casual version suits better.

Guide Dog Oakley may well be Tracey’s eyes as a working dog, but he is still a dog. There is a very special relationship here. They are not just working partners, they are friends. Buddies. A team.

If you think Guide Dogs work all the time, and have a hard life, you couldn’t be more wrong. They are well cared for, and do what they love most. Walking. Oh, and eating (if a Labrador like Oakley)! But, that is rather more controlled.

We are well on our way to raising the money to name a third Guide Dog puppy. If you would like to contribute and help us on our way, then please do consider donating even just a small amount. It all helps. Please click here.

Guide Dog Oakley also has his own Facebook and Twitter accounts:

Photograph Details

  • Taken: 12 Jan 2017
  • Camera: Canon 5D MkIII
  • Lens: Canon EF 24-70mm 1:2.8 L II USM
  • Focal Length 70mm
  • F/5
  • 1/25 Sec
  • ISO 800
  • Studio Softbox with Daylight bulb

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