Tim's One Photograph a Day

Evening Sun on a Bare Tree.

Evening Sun Lighting. It may not have been a particularly warm day today, but the sun has been out. As it started to set, the

A Snowy Morning in Leamington Spa.

Snowy Morning. We can’t say they didn’t warn us. This was exactly what we forecast. We woke up to discover a very

Rangemaster Building, Leamington Spa.

Canalside Rangemaster Building. Yesterday I photographed one of the finest buildings in Leamington Spa. Today has to be one of

Royal Pump Rooms, Leamington Spa.

Royal Pump Rooms. Leamington Spa is full of grand and classic buildings. Amongst the finest is this, the Royal Pump Rooms on t

Bridge 45 on the Grand Union Canal.

Looking underneath Bridge 45. It’s not often the phone camera is used for this blog. However, today I took the Olympus o

Mushroom on the Grass.

Mushroom. In one of the parks in Leamington Spa is a collection of fungi. Seeing this mushroom upside down in the grass, I tho

The Grand Union Canal in Leamington Spa.

Grand Union Canal at Dusk. It’s amazing just what detail and colour a long-exposure picture can pick up. This shot of th

Procaffeinate Coffee Bar.

Procaffeinate. Just by the bridge where we are moored is this delightful coffee bar. Originally the Grand Union Pub, it is now

A Christmas Market in Royal Leamington Spa.

Street Christmas Market. My remote shutter cable developed a fault a little while ago. I have now got my replacement. A Hähne

Cakes at the Good Food Show.

The Cakes Stall. Today we’ve been to the BBC Good Food at the NEC. Lots of things to photograph, but I have chosen this

Nestles Ghost Sign, Leamington Spa.

Nestles Ghost Sign. Back to a subject I haven’t photographed for a while. This Nestles Ghost Sign caught my eye as I was

A Sunset Silhouette.

Cruising along late afternoon, we were watching the amazing colour of the sky. Sadly, I couldn’t get anything worth havi

The Two Boats Inn, Long Itchington.

The Canalside Two Boats Inn. Back on the move again. Onto new territory, as far as our cruising is concerned. We are now headi

The Famous Braunston Turn.

Braunston Turn. Heading south from Rugby, we have arrived at the famous Braunston Turn. An iconic junction, made more famous b

The Old Royal Oak, Hillmorton, Rugby.

The Old Royal Oak at Night. Staying with the night time theme, but a change from canals to pubs. This is the Old Royal Oak, Hi

Hillmorton at Night.

The Oxford Canal at Hillmorton. We have moved back above the locks. Although looking very rural, we are not that far from Hill

First Snow of the Season.

First Snow this Morning. This came as a bit of a surprise today! I had taken the dog out for the morning necessities. The sky

Winter Cruising on the Oxford Canal.

Winter Cruising at Hillmorton. “Is it cold in winter” is a question we are often asked. Not with the fire going, i

Hillmorton Bottom Locks at Dusk.

Hillmorton Bottom Locks. What a difference to last night! Hardly a breath of wind. Just look how smooth the canal is compared

Night Time at Badsey’s Wharf, Hillmorton.

Badsey’s Wharf, Hillmorton. Between the middle and bottom set of locks. This is the view looking north. On the right is