Tim's One Photograph a Day


A View under the Bridge of the A339.

Reflections Under the Bridge. I went out to take today’s photograph, and my eye was caught by this reflection under the

A Giant Man in Newbury!

Giant Man. Tonight sees an outdoor performance of sound and light. I was walking through the centre of Newbury earlier, and sa

Clouds in the Evening.

Clouds. I am no expert when it comes to types of clouds. To me, these are classed as “white and fluffy”! I am sure

Raindrops as an Abstract.

Raindrops. Normally, when we look through a window when it is raining, we still focus on what is outside. With the camera, how

Macro Photography / Close up.

A Close up look with Macro Photography. Going very different today. Some time ago, I treated myself to a set of Macro Extensio

Lemonade Glass with Straw and Ice.

Black and White Lemonade Glass. Having been busy most of the day doing some other website work, time was running out to get to

Hotel Corridor in the Crowne Plaza, Reading.

Looking down the Hotel Corridor. Staying at the Crowne Plaza in Reading, I had a new location for today’s “One Pho

LV Heart, County Gates Gyratory.

The LV Heart. Night photography is my passion, and this is another shot I’ve been wanting to get. Being a Sunday night,

A Valentines Peak at Attico Westbourne.

Looking in the Window of Attico Westbourne. A couple of days ago, I mentioned my fairly regular walks through Westbourne Arcad

The Wonders of the Window of Scape West of Westbourne.

Scape West Window. One of my regular evening dog walks is into the centre of Westbourne. The Arcade holds particular attractio

Norton Canes Statue at the Service Station.

Norton Canes Statue. Today’s photo is of a statue/artwork at the Norton Canes Service Station on the M6 Toll.

A Colourful Stack of Balls of Wool.

Balls of Wool. Something completely different today! Not having a lot of time to do much in the way of photography, it was a c

Water Reflections at Night.

Night Time Water Reflections. Yet another grey day. It has also rained all day. Not conducive to going out at all, let alone t

Big Wheel, Bournemouth Pier Approach

Christmas Big Wheel, Bournemouth. Another cold, frosty morning with clear blue sky. A walk into town, armed with camera, along