Tim's One Photograph a Day

The Angel Hotel, Coleford, Forest of Dean.

The Angel Hotel. Many towns had their old Coaching Inns. In the days of the horse and carriage, these would be stopping points

Tree Tops against the Blue Sky.

Tree Tops. It is easy to get very lazy with zoom lenses. Even the “standard” lenses nowadays tend to have zoom cap

Professor Brock, the Barn Owl.

Barn Owl. Not often you get to see one of these close up – especially in a café! This beautiful specimen is called R

Coleford, Gloucester, in the Forest of Dean.

Coleford, Gloucester. On the edge of the Forest of Dean is this delightful town. Apart from the modern road markings, pedestri

Top of the Malvern Hills.

Malvern Hills. This was not today’s intended photograph. I had spotted a wall which, for some bizarre reason, had taps e

CS Lewis – Malvern Gas lamp.

Gas lamp. The link may be a little tenuous. It may even be apocryphal. It is said, though, that CS Lewis, when walking home fr

View from the Malvern Hills.

Malvern Hills. There is something special about a landscape photograph that features rolling hills. Something rugged, even tim

Parry People Mover – The Stourbridge Shuttle.

Parry People Mover. Something a little different today. Probably the smallest train on Britain’s railway network is the

Langley Maltings, Titford Canal, Oldbury.

Langley Maltings. Today’s subject is a favourite one of mine. The Titford Canal is the highest level on the Birmingham C

Snowdrops at the Bumble Hole Nature Reserve.

Snowdrops. Of course, being in a Nature Reserve, it would be wrong not to photograph something that captures the atmosphere. O

Cobbs Engine House, Bumble Hole Nature Reserve.

Cobbs Engine House. Having mentioned yesterday that Windmill End was a busy mining area, today’s shot captures something

Dusk at Windmill End, Bumble Hole Nature Reserve.

Windmill End. We have moved again. This time we have gone through the Netherton Tunnel (built as a by-pass to the single-width

The Very First Branch of Lloyds Bank, Oldbury.

Lloyds Bank, Oldbury. Today’s shot is a little bit of history! Originally only operating from a single office in Birming

Wetherspoons The Court of Requests, Oldbury.

Court of Requests.   Love them or loathe them, Wetherspoons pubs have a character all of their own. Despite other pubs cl

Titford Pools, Wildlife Haven, Oldbury.

Titford Pools. For a long time, this has been the Cinderella of the BCN. It is the highest part and was originally built as a

Oldbury Locks Junction and Titford Canal under the M5.

Oldbury Locks Junction. This is still a continuing theme. Moving outside of Birmingham City Centre, the Old Main Line criss-cr

Oozells Street Loop at Night, Birmingham.

Oozells Street Loop. Continuing on from yesterday’s photograph of Sherborne Wharf. This is very near the same location,

Sherborne Wharf, Oozells Street Loop, Birmingham.

Sherborne Wharf. Another historic part of the extensive canal network in central Birmingham. At one time, this was the “Main

Gas Street Basin and Regency Wharf, Birmingham.

Gas Street Basin. This is an area of canal that I never fail to enjoy to photograph. There is so much of interest with ultra-m

Ice on the Canal This Morning.

Ice on the Canal. I enjoy posting photographs on here that I have taken time over and carefully considered. However, that is n