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Newbury Carnival Day 2017.

Newbury Carnival.

Newbury Carnival: Festival of Colour.

Festival of Colour.

The streets were full of colour, music and dancing at Newbury Carnival today! Bringing up the rear, in an explosion of music, was this fabulous troupe.

Fantastically bright and outrageous costumes, with an exuberant smile, one can’t help being drawn into the atmosphere. There were massive crowds, and I was lucky to get a half-decent position to take photographs.

Of all the shots I took today, this one encapsulates the atmosphere best. With the participant almost filling the shot (and this was not the entire costume!), there is just a small background of the attentive crowd.

Photograph Details:

  • Taken: 16 Jul 2017
  • Camera: Olympus OM-D E-M10 MkIIA
  • Lens: Olympus 14-42 1:3.5-5.6
  • Focal Length 19mm
  • F/4.5
  • 1/640 Sec
  • ISO 200

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