Tim's One Photograph a Day

Historic Buildings

Evening Sun on George Street, Wolverhampton.

George Street, Wolverhampton. Back to the street scene again – this time the other side of the City. The church in the d

The Old Post Office, Lichfield Street, Wolverhampton.

Old Post Office, Wolverhampton. Three generations of Wolverhampton’s main postal facility are visible in this photograph

The Former Fox and Goose Pub, Warwick Street, Wolverhampton.

Former Fox and Goose Pub, Wolverhampton. Another building with that tell-tale look about it that says “ex pub” to

A View Down King Street, Wolverhampton.

King Street, Wolverhampton. Having had a little more of an explore around the city, I came across this particular street. Acco

The Magnificent Conservatory in West Park, Wolverhampton.

Conservatory in West Park, Wolverhampton. As I promised myself, I have come back to get a closer photograph of this rather spl

The Commercial Road Power Station, Wolverhampton.

Power Station, Wolverhampton. On the opposite side of the canal, not far from Chillington Wharf, is the rear of this building.

Babcock & Wilcox 10 ton Overhead Crane, Chillington Wharf, Wolverhampton.

Babcock & Wilcox 10 Ton Overhead Crane. In yesterday’s photograph of Chillington Wharf, I made mention of this featu

Chillington Wharf, Wolverhampton – Canal and Railway Interchange.

Chillington Wharf, Wolverhampton. We have cruised past this on our boat several times – and been past on the train. More

Bandstand in West Park, Wolverhampton.

Bandstand. Having discovered East Park a couple of days ago, researching the Lysaght Tower revealed there was also a West Park

The Former Queen Street Dispensary, Wolverhampton.

Queen Street Dispensary, Wolverhampton. Continuing on a bit of a theme, yesterday we were at the former Royal Hospital. Refere

The Former Royal Hospital, Wolverhampton.

The Royal Hospital, Wolverhampton. Not far away from St George’s Church, the subject of yesterday’s photograph jus

The Former St George’s Church, Wolverhampton.

St George’s Church, Wolverhampton. You may notice a remarkable similarity to St John’s posted a couple of days ago

St John’s Church in the Square, Wolverhampton.

St John’s Church, Wolverhampton. This rather splendid building dates back to 1758. It now stands proudly very close to t

The Chubb Building – Landmark of Wolverhampton.

The Chubb Building. Dating back to 1899, this landmark building is rightfully Grade II Listed. It has a unique angular design

Little’s Lane Bridge and Wolverhampton Top Lock.

Little’s Lane Bridge, Wolverhampton. As you come up the “Wolverhampton 21”, this is the last lock before Bro

The Sir Tatton Sykes Hotel, Fryer Street, Wolverhampton

The Sir Tatton Sykes Hotel. Wolverhampton seems rather fond of its rounded corner buildings. This one links back to the former

The Royal London Friendly Society Building, Lichfield Street, Wolverhampton

The Royal London Friendly Society Building. This substantial and rather impressive building dates back to 1902 and was the sec

The Former Fryer Street Synagogue, Wolverhampton

Former Wolverhampton Synagogue. Usually, I don’t find it difficult to identify the original use of a building. This one

The Former Great Western Wolverhampton Low Level Station.

Wolverhampton Low Level Station. This was the Great Western Railway’s station in Wolverhampton. Once a key part of an ex

William Butler & Co Ltd, Wolverhampton.

William Butler & Co. This is quite an interesting scene, although by the looks of it, it is likely to change in the not to