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Ghost Sign, Alcester Street, Redditch.

Ghost Sign.

Ghost sign, Alcester Street, Redditch

History on the wall.

Not a great shot today, but the best I could do given the poor conditions – and the fact that I forgot my main camera! Redditch is a town that has been ruined by a large indoor shopping centre overwriting the historic settlement. However, there are still some decent old buildings around. In Alcester Street, near the church, there are a number of surviving older buildings and I spotted this Ghost Sign on 3-5 Alcester Street, peeking above the roof of the adjacent building.It is a bit difficult to make out, but the top line appears to be either “Rooms” or “Tea Rooms”. The second line is definitely “Accommodation for” and underneath that, just below the roof line of the adjacent building seems to be the word “Cyclists”. An interesting combination, and it would be very interesting to discover more of the history of this building.

Photograph Details:

  • Taken: 7 Jan 2020
  • Camera: Samsung Galaxy S10
  • Lens: Standard Integrated
  • Focal Length 4.3mm
  • F/1.5
  • 1/100 Sec
  • ISO 50

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