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Canals, Rivers & Lakes

Factory Locks Tipton and former Gauging Station.

Factory Locks Tipton. Birmingham and Wolverhampton are on two slightly different levels, the latter being slightly higher. Tip

Windmill End Junction, Dudley No 2 Canal.

Windmill End Junction. Yesterday’s photograph was taken from the top of the bridge on the right, looking towards where t

Gauging Island, Dudley No 2 Canal.

Gauging Island. Around the Birmingham Canal Navigations are seemingly odd sections like this, where the channel narrows to lit

Artwork in the Gosty Hill Tunnel.

Gosty Hill Tunnel. Of all the tunnels we have done on the system so far, this one rates as one of my least favourites! We have

BCN Boshboil Branch, Windmill End.

BCN Boshboil Branch. Still looking around the Bumble Hole Nature Reserve area. This was the original canal line, which heads s

A View inside Netherton Tunnel.

Netherton Tunnel. Of the many canal tunnels around the network, this was the last to be built during the period known as ̶

View under Cobbs Engine Bridge, Windmill End.

View under Cobbs Engine Bridge. We have finally moved on from the Titford Pumphouse and returned to another of our favourite m

New Inns Road Bridge on the Titford Canal.

New Inns Road Bridge. Moving on slightly from Uncle Ben’s. Behind us is the remains of the Langley Maltings, featured a

Junior Dog Agility at Crufts 2020.

Junior Dog Agility. This was amazing to watch. Much harder to photograph! After I managed to blag myself a good position, they

Uncle Ben’s Bridge on the Titford Canal.

Uncle Ben’s Bridge. Back to my favourite kind of photograph. A long exposure of a canal scene! Where the name comes from

Titford Pump House at the top of Oldbury Locks.

Titford Pump House. A couple of days ago I posted a photograph of the Oldbury Locks. Here, we are at the top of the flight 

Oldbury Locks on the Titford Canal.

Oldbury Locks. This is a flight of locks built in 1837 to make a navigable canal out of what was originally a feeder water sup

The Black Country Living Museum – Location for Peaky Blinders.

Black Country Living Museum. An unusual view of a familiar location. Being moored on the canal outside, we can see this angle

Pitchfork Bridge, Birmingham Old Main Line Canal, Tipton.

Pitchfork Bridge.   This is a scene which is nothing special to look at in the daytime, but is transformed by the colours

Swans on the Birmingham Old Main Line, Tividale.

Swans. The Birmingham Old Main Line Canal looks rather different to the shot from a couple of days ago. Storm Dennis is doing

Birmingham Old Main Line, Tividale.

Tividale on the BCN. Moving outside from where last night’s photograph was taken, this is the wide expanse of the Birmin

Mooring in Tividale Quays / Dudley Port Basin.

Tividale Quays. Historically, this was Dudley Port Basin. An industrial area, where working boats would have been loaded and u

The River Severn from Lydney Harbour.

River Severn. I was spoilt for choice today. Having been offered a lift to Lydney Harbour so I could look around and take some

Parry People Mover – The Stourbridge Shuttle.

Parry People Mover. Something a little different today. Probably the smallest train on Britain’s railway network is the

Langley Maltings, Titford Canal, Oldbury.

Langley Maltings. Today’s subject is a favourite one of mine. The Titford Canal is the highest level on the Birmingham C