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Parry People Mover – The Stourbridge Shuttle.

Parry People Mover.

Parry People Mover - The Stourbridge Shuttle.

Seating for 25!

Something a little different today. Probably the smallest train on Britain’s railway network is the Stourbridge Shuttle. At a diminutive 9.6m (31′ 6″), it is shorter than a full-length bus! Although branded as West Midlands Railway, it is actually operated by “Pro Metro Operations” on their behalf. The journey time, on what is believed to be the shortest branch line in Europe, is a mere 3 minutes. The use of the Parry People Mover on this line has completely revitalised it.

Although the line is operated as a “One Working Train” system, which means that no signalling is required, there are actually two units available. Previously, it had been run with a more standard single car diesel train. However, the introduction of this class has reduced costs significantly. A small LPG engine powers a flywheel to very high speed, and it is this that drives the train. Braking on this very steep line is used to recharge the flywheel, further reducing costs. This has meant a considerably more frequent service – plus the reintroduction of Sunday services. As a consequence, since the Parry People Mover took over the Stourbridge Branch in 2009, passenger numbers have more than doubled.

Photograph Details:

  • Taken: 31 Jan 2020
  • Camera: Canon 5D MkIII
  • Lens: Canon EF 24-70mm 1:2.8 L II USM
  • Focal Length 33mm
  • F/3.5
  • 1/10 Sec
  • ISO 100

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