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A Giant Man in Newbury!

Giant Man.

Giant Man: Sense of Unity.

Sense of Unity.

Tonight sees an outdoor performance of sound and light. I was walking through the centre of Newbury earlier, and saw this giant man being walked through the streets!

Of course, being unprepared, I only had my phone on me. However, this has produced a very acceptable photograph. This puppet is actually made up of thousands of LEDs, and creates quite some spectacle at night.

This character is German, the drummers that come with the show are from the UK. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get out to see the show, which was put on by the Corn Exchange.

There is a link on their website which gives a taste of the show. Click here. This was obviously filmed in the dark, which I suspect would create a better spectacle than the twilight of this evening.

Photograph Details:

  • Taken: 30 Jun 2017
  • Camera: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F
  • Lens: Integrated
  • Focal Length 4mm
  • F/1.7
  • 1/438 Sec
  • ISO 40

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