Tim's One Photograph a Day


Stormy Sunset in Thatcham.

Stormy Sunset. This was not what I was planning for today’s photograph. Today, we were cruising on the boat to Thatcham.

Centre of Town: Griffins Butchers, Newbury.

Griffins Butchers, Newbury. The Red and White stripes used to be a familiar sight in many towns. Griffins Butchers, Newbury, i

Jack of Newbury’s Former House.

Jack of Newbury’s House. In the 16th Century, John Winchcombe was a wealthy clothier. His fortune was made from produce

Former Sugar Loaf Inn, Bartholomew Street, Newbury.

The Old Sugar Loaf Inn. Regulars of this photo blog will know of my keen interest in a building’s past. The clues are of

A Former Corner Shop in Newbury.

Ex Corner Shop. Followers of this blog will know I have an eye for spotting buildings that had a different use to the one they

Market Place, Newbury, Berkshire.

Market Place, Newbury. This is the view of Market Place, Newbury, from the opposite direction from the shot I took on Market d

The Old Post Office, Ufton Nervet.

The Old Post Office. I had returned to Ufton Nervet, as it is quite an interesting little village. I was actually looking for

W E Boone and Co Ltd of Poole.

W E Boone and Co Hardware Shop. Regulars of this blog will be beginning to realise my love of old buildings! There is somethin

NatWest Bank, 28-30 Market Place, Newbury.

NatWest Bank, Newbury. NatWest Bank have a habit of giving their branches a corporate makeover. Whilst this means you can spot

Sun Sets on Newbury Post Office.

Newbury Post Office. Love them or loathe them, these buildings are a dying breed. Newbury Post Office, we learn, is set to clo

A Quiet East Street, Shoreham-by-Sea.

East Street, Shoreham-by-Sea. East Street, Shoreham-by-Sea was once a busy road – and a bus route. Not any more. It has

The Broad Street Independent Chapel, Reading.

Broad Street Independent Chapel, Reading. It is so easy to walk down a shopping street and not notice the clues to times gone

A Ghost Sign in Caversham.

Prospect House Ghost Sign. This is something which I find fascinating! A Ghost Sign is simply “an old hand-painted adver

Peters Hill and Winton, Bournemouth.

Winton, Bournemouth at Night in the Rain. Staying with the Night-time theme, this is Winton, Bournemouth, taken from the top o

Twilight at the Bournemouth Odeon.

Bournemouth Odeon Cinema. This is a shot I have been after for a while. With time running out now, I am delighted that conditi

A Valentines Peak at Attico Westbourne.

Looking in the Window of Attico Westbourne. A couple of days ago, I mentioned my fairly regular walks through Westbourne Arcad

A Snapshot of Crawley History.

Brighton Road Crawley History. Another grotty day as far as the weather was concerned. I had to go to Crawley, so took the cam

The Wonders of the Window of Scape West of Westbourne.

Scape West Window. One of my regular evening dog walks is into the centre of Westbourne. The Arcade holds particular attractio

Blue Hour on Commercial Road, Bournemouth.

Commercial Road, Bournemouth. A late afternoon trip to the Post Office was a good reason to take the camera out for a “B

Water Reflections at Night.

Night Time Water Reflections. Yet another grey day. It has also rained all day. Not conducive to going out at all, let alone t