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Claigan Coral Beach, Dunvegan, Isle of Skye.

The Coral Beach.

Claigan Coral Beach: The stunning feature on the north coast of Skye.

The stunning feature on the north coast of Skye.

On our last day on Skye, we visited the Coral Beach near Dunvegan. It is a very popular place to visit, despite a long drive up a single track road followed by a one mile walk.

Its name is something of a misnomer. It is actually fossilised and sun-bleached algae. The small island of Lampay is located just to the right of the photograph. At low tide it is possible to walk across.

Although the water is effectively the Atlantic Ocean, it is known as Loch Dunvegan. The land opposite is the westernmost part of northern Skye. We are looking towards Colbost and Skinidin. There are some smaller islands just in front.

Today was extremely blustery, and we were fortunate enough to have missed the rain. Once again, though, this has created the dramatic image we see here.

Photograph Details:

  • Taken: 27 Jul 2017
  • Camera: Olympus OM-D E-M10 MkIIA
  • Lens: Olympus 14-42 1:3.5-5.6
  • Focal Length 14mm
  • F/10
  • 1/640 Sec
  • ISO 200

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