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Sheward’s Shop, Parkend, Forest of Dean.

Sheward’s Shop, Parkend.

Sheward's Shop Parkend Forest of Dean


With Storm Ciara promising its worst today, I decided not to take the camera out! Instead, today’s photograph was a job for the phone. We are in the pretty village of Parkend in the Forest of Dean. The main attraction is probably the Dean Forest Railway, which we rode when we were here in May. However, I was attracted by this ruin at the entrance to the village. It is the very sad remains of Sheward’s Shop.When you see a ruin such as this, it is difficult to understand how it comes about. However, there is some documentation for this particular building. Apparently it was well known for its sweets. Upstairs was a snooker hall. Indeed, in the remains of the window above the door is the notice stating that it is licenced for snooker! Sadly the owner, a Mrs Sheward, died around 40 years ago. This resulted in the building becoming embroiled in an inheritance dispute which only recently has resulted in a compulsory purchase order. In the meantime, Sheward’s Shop has fallen into rack and ruin. Google Streetview is dated 10 years ago (2009) and shows it still with the upper floor still intact. Unfortunately, squatters, a fire and water damage have all taken their toll. However, the good news is that villagers are campaigning to get hold of the building and incorporate it into the adjacent Memorial Hall.

Sheward's Shop in 2009.

As seen on Google Streetview, dated 2009.

Photograph Details:

  • Taken: 9 Feb 2020
  • Camera: Samsung Galaxy S10
  • Lens: Standard Integrated
  • Focal Length 2.4mm
  • F/2.4
  • 1/100 Sec
  • ISO 100

One thought on “Sheward’s Shop, Parkend, Forest of Dean.

  1. david davies

    my family who lived at riverdale parkend un till early 60s we used sherward shop for most things she was a nice lady. her late husband albert passed awau 50s mrs sheward liked her dogs her sister lived with her after mr sheward passed away sister was mrs thomas

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