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Canals & Rivers

Night Time at Badsey’s Wharf, Hillmorton.

Badsey’s Wharf, Hillmorton. Between the middle and bottom set of locks. This is the view looking north. On the right is

Friends on Derwent 6.

Derwent 6. One of the great things about living a nomadic lifestyle on the canal is that you don’t know when you might m

Misty Frosty Morning on the Oxford Canal.

Misty Frosty Morning. You will, of course, realise that this shot is taken in a very similar location to yesterday’s. It

Brownsover Visitor Moorings, Rugby, Warwickshire.

Brownsover Visitor Moorings at Dusk. Staying with the long exposure shots. Today’s photograph is of where we are current

The Former Rugby Radio Station.

Former Rugby Radio Station. Last time we were here, the last of the Rugby Radio Station masts were still standing. Now, they a

Hillmorton Locks at Dusk.

Hillmorton Locks. We have moved again, and are now on the outskirts of Rugby. Once again, I am indulging myself in some night

Night on the Canal near Braunston.

Night on the Canal. Night time long exposures are great fun – even if rather time consuming! This shot of “Night o

Fenny Compton Tunnel – That Isn’t!

Fenny Compton Tunnel. The Oxford Canal on the whole winds its way through the countryside, keeping to the contours as much as

Banbury Canal under the Bridge.

Banbury Canal Scene. This is the view under the Tom Rolt Bridge, looking towards the lock featured in an earlier photograph. A

Banbury Lock – in the Heart of the Town.

Banbury Lock. Yesterday and today’s pictures could not be more different. Aynho Weir Lock, with its unusual shape in a t

The Unusual Aynho Weir Lock.

Aynho Weir Lock. The Oxford Canal Company may have been impoverished when constructing the navigation, but it has given rise t

Pigeons Lock 39 and Accommodation Bridge 213.

Looking Under the Bridge to Pigeons Lock 39. Take away the dog bin, and the modern signage, this shot is almost timeless. This

Thrupp Village Visitor Moorings.

Thrupp, Oxfordshire. Another place that is well-known to the canal community, but not so well known generally. This is Thrupp,

Autumn on the Oxford Canal.

Autumn Colours. We are moored right at the far southern end of the Oxford Canal. Almost in the centre of the city. Yet, here i

Bench with a View.

Bench Overlooking Shoreham Airport. This spot is in a quiet location on the South Downs. Yet this bench, in an Area of Outstan

The River Adur in Shoreham, at Dusk.

River Adur & Ferry Bridge. The bridge is Ferry Bridge, featured a couple of days ago. It connects the town of Shoreham-by-

The Adur Ferry Bridge, Shoreham-by-Sea.

Adur Ferry Bridge at Night. Back to my favourite. Long Exposure photography. Today’s image is of the Adur Ferry Bridge a

The Disused Rewley Road Swing Bridge.

Rewley Road Swing Bridge. The Sheepwash Channel links the Oxford Canal with the Thames. The Rewley Road Swing Bridge used to c

The Site of the Former Oxford Canal Basin.

Oxford Canal Basin. It is hard to believe that this site was once the scene of bustling activity. Boats being loaded and unloa

The Sheepwash Channel from the Thames.

Sheepwash Channel. There are two links between the Oxford Canal and the Thames. Dukes Cut, to the north, and this, the delight